Another kind of surviving

My minimalist self has struggled with the idea of prepping, because by definition you are supposed to have stuff you may not ever need to use. And to keep extra items of food and so on. My ideal is little stuff, and everything I have in good use. But I want to be prepared forContinue reading “Another kind of surviving”

Survivors and superheros

Are you anxious about the coronavirus pandemic?As a small business owner I noticed immediate impact as the incoming orders dropped drastically. Then our main factory closed. My retailers are struggling as well. The business is down a lot but expenses have to be paid. Due to my chronic illnesses I’m at risk of developing aContinue reading “Survivors and superheros”

Bought a new apartment

Yes I did. Just before the proverbial korona-shit fully hit the proverbial fan. I would have waited a little in retrospect… I will not concentrate on other aspects of the horror show in this post, but just tell about the apartment. Alas, I decided to go with a 14-year interest rate cap, which means thatContinue reading “Bought a new apartment”

What is your financial worst case scenario?

Suddenly on my own, in order to ease my worries about financial security I asked myself “what if..” What if I find myself unemployed, my business making no money? My “worst case scenario” plan is to live in the 199 square foot apartment, which would cost 80 euros (you can substitute dollars) per month, includingContinue reading “What is your financial worst case scenario?”

How I invest in the stock market

Now, I’ve had a long and hard talk with myself about investing in stock. Note that I’m in nowhere near an expert in investing , stock market and finances, I’m only writing about what I do and what works and does not work for me personally. I need to have a solid plan, not justContinue reading “How I invest in the stock market”

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