The hardest roads often lead to the most beautiful places

I’m not going to lie to you with a smile plastered on my face, and tell you that I wouldn’t trade away one day from my life. I would readily give away the most painful days. I would love to have known what I know now, as I was growing up and trying my wings, falling flat on my face, my nose bleeding and knees raw.

But I am going to tell you, that I would then also not be who I am today and know things about myself that I now know. That I’m fiercely loyal, my love is not for sale, and if you are my friend I will do all I can do for you when you need me. At the same time, I am not someone to be taken for a fool, time and again. Not anymore. I have learned the hard way to see through manipulation and bullshit and mindfuckery and setting boundaries for what is acceptable to me.

This blog is about my journey of recovering from infidelity, mental abuse, chronic illness and also dealing with my own shortcomings. It’s about freedom from abuse and manipulation, as well as from unnecessary societal pressures. It is also about financial freedom and taking responsibility for my future in different meaningful ways as I find myself single after 21 years in a relationship.

I’m here to give myself a pep talk and make sense of the truck that drove over me and the load of shit it dumped on me, and to tell you that if you have experienced the same, you can dig yourself out from underneath the oppressive smelly pile, you can thrive and you can be free too!

I’m ready to smell the flowers and see the wide open skies.

Published by Miss Guided

Chumped, dumped, ground to the ground, picked myself up and got up with my head held high, fierce and independent woman, I am finally free.

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